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Phosphor 'Reveals' mechanical digital watches

Forget e-ink or LCD. Phosphor's latest wristwatches feature tiny mechanical flipping dots to tell you how late you are.

The machine says it's 12:39. Phosphor

I love watches. And I love when high-tech stuff works its way into everyday objects, like watches. In December, I reviewed Phorsphor's e-ink world time watch. It uses the same display technology as Amazon's Kindle (and most other e-book readers) to display the time.

Phosphor today has a new set of watches with an even cooler-looking new way to tell time. The new watch is called the Reveal, and is being touted by Phosphor as the first mechanical digital watch. And they look cool.

The face uses tiny versions of the mechanical flip-board technology used in old-school digital clocks and train stations. They're called flip-dots, and they live on rotors that flip when a magnetic signal is sent to them.

They have a Swarovski crystal on the "negative" side and a black face on the "positive," so depending on the pattern the magnets send out, the time is shown. Phosphor calls the tech M3D, which stands for Micro-Magnetic Mechanical Digital.

There are six different styles from a classic, masculine black leather-and-silver finish to an all-pink extra-Swarovski-crystaled version, and they retail for $199. Watch (haha!) for a full review as soon as we get our hands (or wrists, geddit!?) on one in the near future.