Phony "Earthlink Account Canceled" e-mail circulating

Phony "Earthlink Account Canceled" e-mail circulating

Several MacFixIt readers who subscribe to Earthlink for Internet services received the following e-mail:

"Dear member, Account Management regrets to inform you that your account has been suspended due to credit card verification problems. Your credit card failed to authorize and as a result, your account has been suspended. Please take a moment to confirm your account by going to the following address:"

"Trully yours, account management team."

Skeptical readers noticing the spelling errors and strange wording followed up with EarthLink technical support, which confirmed that the circulating e-mail is a hoax. The issue is currently being investigated.

UPDATE: MacFixIt reader Bill Bates did some additional investigation into the fraudulent e-mail and the organization behind it:

"I followed the link out of curiosity and it takes you to: I then tried to play with he URL a little and found that if you delete the "earthlink.html" it takes you to:, which is a page that is a front for collecting credit card information from Ebay users.

" ( takes you to the web site of NANHUA FUTURES TRADING CO. LTD which according to their website is in Zhejiang ,China (of course, who knows where the web server is). I suspect that Nanhua does not know the fraudulent web pages are hosted on their site."


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