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Phoneless iPhones coming by Macworld?

One analyst firm thinks Apple can juice up its iPod product lineup simply by releasing an iPhone without the phone or Internet capabilities.

The large screen and landscape viewing mode that come with the iPhone could make for a cheaper video iPod that can't phone home.

The iPhone is an iPod, after all, and a version without the phone and data capabilities could tempt shoppers this holiday season. Corrine Schulze/CNET Networks

Apple watchers Piper Jaffray released a report Monday predicting that Apple will soon update its high-end iPod lineup with a wide-screen model that looks an awful lot like the iPhone, just without the phone and data connections. It's been a while since Apple released a new iPod, and rumors have been circulating for a long time that Apple has plans for a wide-screen iPod.

With the launch of the iPhone, Apple does indeed have that wide-screen iPod, but its hefty price and data plan requirements could turn off iPod users who just want that large screen without all the bells and whistles. Piper Jaffray estimates that for around $299 Apple could sell a phoneless iPhone that runs Mac OS X and uses the same touch-screen interface as the iPhone.