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Phone with Windows Mobile beta reported stolen

A phone that was given to a Telstra executive and was apparently running the unreleased Windows Mobile 6.5 has gone missing at a wireless trade show in Barcelona.

Windows Mobile 6.5 preview
Windows Mobile 6.5 running on an HTC Touch Diamond2 was shown off at GSMA 2009. Crave UK

A phone running the beta of Microsoft's new Windows Mobile 6.5 has gone missing from a Telstra executive, a spokesperson for the Australian telecommunications company confirmed to sister site ZDNET Australia.

Early reports claimed the phone had been given to Telstra chief executive Sol Trujillo, but Telstra says that is not true. Several online reports suggest the phone was pickpocketed, but Telstra would not confirm details of how the phone was lost. What we do know is that the phone had been loaned by Microsoft to a Telstra executive during the Mobile World Congress, a huge mobile technology conference in Barcelona, Spain. A report in The Courier Mail suggests that the phone was either an HTC Touch Pro2 or the HTC Touch Diamond2, running the new Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system.

Microsoft unveiled the newest version of its mobile operating system on Monday. Microsoft showed off the OS running on an HTC Touch Diamond2 on Tuesday (see the photo gallery here).

Suzanne Tindal of ZDNet Australia reported from Sydney.