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Phone with rollout display to roll out

Polymer Vision expects to launch the device this year.

Polymer Vision

If we were editors for a thesaurus, "brag" would become a synonym for "concept." Companies tease consumers all the time with digital renderings of products that never see the light of day. This is why it came as quite a surprise that Polymer Vision, a spinoff from Dutch company Philips, has committed to selling its Readius mobile phone with a rollout display.

This mobile phone is not much bigger than your average candy-bar handset but still manages to include a 5-inch display that can be folded out to one side. The screen is a monochrome one (black and white), but its size makes it great for reading e-books and other text documents.

Polymer Vision's Readius cell phone

An earlier press release on the Polymer Vision site said the device should have shipped by the end of 2007, but news reports say it's now expected to launch this year. For now, check out some images of this not-just-a-concept-anymore handset.

(Source: Crave Asia)