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Phone speaker counters Ugly Betty image

Only half an inch thick


Despite what we've seen on the market lately, there's no rule that says portable speakers must look like electronic mutations. In fact, as mobile phone makers get more comfortable with their musical side, they're beginning to create better speaker concepts all the time.

From an aesthetic perspective, Veritronix has come up with an eye-catcher that seems ideal if you don't need a phone with surround sound and don't want an attachment that's reminiscent of The Fly. And beyond its good looks, we appreciate that the VX-818--which measures a svelt half-inch thick--works wirelessly and pluglessly via Bluetooth, with a rechargeable battery that provides up to 8 hours of playing time. But SlashPhone notes that it's been spotted only at this year's Hong Kong Electronics Fair, so we may only be able to worship it from afar at least for the time being.