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Phone-proof underwear

Swiss clothier makes briefs made with silver thread to block rays

Andreas Sallmann with his invention Le Matin

As far as potential health threats from mobile phones are concerned, the Europeans appear to be way ahead of the rest of the world in taking preventive measures. Perhaps they're just more susceptible to gadget allergies and other digitally related maladies.

A couple of months ago, a French cosmetics company came up with a mist that it claims will shield your delicate epidemermis from any harmful rays emitted by your handset. That's fine, but the Brits are more concerned about particularly sensitive parts of the anatomy, as research by the University of Newscastle has indicated.

So now, Swiss clothier Isa Bodywear has responded to those worries with a line of male undergarments designed specifically to protect "men's sperm from harmful radiation," according to The briefs are woven with threads of silver that suppsoedly block out any harmful rays headed for the nether regions.

We don't want to know how they went about testing its effectiveness.