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Phone News: Data charges slashed, Galaxy S3 choice

This week's Phone News features great news for tourists, bad news for the Samsung Galaxy S3, and good news for a good cause.

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Willkommen, bienvenue, and 'ello. Welcome to this week's Phone News, fellow travellers -- which kicks off with some great news for tourists, international travellers and Eurotrippers. Click play above to find out more!

The EU has slashed the cost of using your phone abroad -- in Europe at least --  by imposing new limits on the cost of calls and data. Great -- let's all hop on a ferry and take our phones somewhere foreign.

Next up, we find ourselves faced with a tricky choice when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S3. On launch day, the only way to get a 32GB model is by signing a contract with Vodafone. So if you want to be the coolest kid on the block, flashing your swag new S3 on day one, you'll either have to sign up to Vodafone or risk looking like Billy Not-enough-memory with the 16GB version. I bet Sophie's glad her choice was easy compared to this puzzler.

For more, check out our regularly-updated Samsung Galaxy S3 UK price comparison guide.

The new iPad and Nokia Lumia 900 have something in common: they both connect to the Internet at souped-up speeds. Unfortunately, next-generation 4G speeds haven't arrived yet, but in the meantime CNET has learned that O2 is already firing up the improved DC-HSPA network that will speed up the iPad and Lumia's surfing.

And we try out Samsung Hope Relay, a new app designed to help you get fit and help charity at the same time. Cockney cook Jamie Oliver, Olympic pedaller Victoria Pendleton and ball-bender David Beckham revealed the app, which donates £1 to charidee for every mile you run or cycle.

Tell me your thoughts on data roaming, S3 prices, and speedy surfing in the comments or on our Facebook page. And come back next week for more Phone News!