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Phone home! E.T. on Google Street View!

An apparition, with a suitably blurry resemblance to the famous alien, appears on Google Street View. Naturally, it is in Berkeley Heights, N.J.

If you were able to get on a bicycle, put a little child or two into the front basket, and fly off into the bluest yonder, would you make your home in Berkeley Heights, N.J.?

That is the troublesome question patting at the heads of certain UFO experts, whose attention has been drawn to the apparent apparition of E.T. on Google Street View.

The image, which you can see here, suggests that E.T. has lost his way. Perhaps he has lost his bike.

The kindly Google Street View camera took the image on the corner of Diamond Hill Road, about 8 miles from Morristown Municipal Airport.

This is rumored to be E.T.'s great-great-great-great grandfather. He resides in a museum in Belfast. CC Dalbera

"On close inspection, the similarities with E.T. are obvious, but it's hard to say with any certainty what, exactly, it is," said Malcolm Robinson, Head of Strange Phenomena Investigations, according to the Telegraph.

There is much debate as to why New Jersey seems to have become something of a epicenter for unexplained flying objects. Three months ago, unsettling, blinking red lights were seen in the Morris County sky.

Perhaps the Mob is experimenting with more refined scientific techniques in shipping coke and dead bodies. Or perhaps this was a spaceship bringing E.T. back to Earth after he'd had an argument with his mom.

I demand a full investigation, don't you? I'm worried that Steven Spielberg might make a sequel.