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Phone hides headset in secret space

China-made Naxin keeps its convergence simple.


Contrary to popular belief, some of us at Crave are easy to please. Long before gadgets began mutating into all manner of lab freakism, we were happy with the simplest of inventions, such as a wireless mouse that stowed its USB dongle in its hull (this was well before Bluetooth, mind you).

That's why we can't quite understand it when manufacturers want to cram every possible feature into their products when just one or two will do nicely. Take, for example, this mobile phone on the Asian market that stores a Bluetooth headset in its case for convenience, according to Uber-Review.

Granted, the Chinese-made Naxin handset won't be mistaken for any of the better-known anorexic models on the cellular runway, but thin isn't everything. That, at least, will be our mantra throughout this gluttonous holiday season.