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Phonak releases new Audeo earphones

Swiss company Phonak has officially released a new pair of earbud-style headphones that retail for $139 and come in black or white. The company is also offering a model with a built-in microphone for $159.


Swiss company Phonak, which prides itself as "the world's leading manufacturer of innovative hearing technology," has officially launched its new line of Audeo earphones. The company says, "Audeo earphones are designed to offer not only superb sound quality, but also so that listeners can wear them comfortably for hours." The earphones are now available on Phonak's Audeo Web site for $139. A second model with a built-in microphone retails for $159.

We're not sure what makes the Audeo earphones different from the multitude of other in-ear, soft-tipped earbuds on the market, but Phonak claims they offer "unrivaled" comfort because "they provide users with a secure fit typically not seen with other earbud-style earphones." The company also says that because of the "skilled optimization of the acoustic response, users can expect a higher quality and more natural listening experience." And the earphones "provide ambient noise attenuation, allowing users to listen to lower volumes and hear the intricacies of their favorite sounds, without subjecting their ears to loud, damage-causing sound levels."

The earphones come with the same selection of silicone and foam eartips that typically ship with competing models from Shure and Etymotic. Oh, and you also get a protective carrying case, as well as the choice between white or black models to match your MP3 player.

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