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Phillies 1, Mitsubishi 0

The mob wrecked Ted Passon's car. Now he's asking them to fix it.

After the Phillies won the World Series on Wednesday, either a jubilant mob of revelers or an angry mob of Rays fans (the world will never know) flipped over Ted Passon's parked car, a 1998 Mitsubishi Galant. Without collision insurance to repair the serious damage, Passon found himself carless, and to add insult to injury, in the hole for paying a tow truck to turn it over (causing, from the sound on the video, more damage in the process).

Passon is giving "Philly" a chance to make good on its hooliganism, through his Phillies Fix My Car Web site. The Phillies fan and freelance videographer says on the site, "There was alot of people on Broad Street last night. If all the people who were hanging out near Broad and Washington (where the car was flipped) gave me ten dollars I could probably buy a new car... or if all the people who actually flipped my car gave me a thousand dollars that could work too." He's taking contributions through PayPal.

So far, he's raised $800, gotten "1000 hits in five hours," and grabbed the attention of a local TV news station. "They are on their way over," he wrote in an e-mail to me.

Good luck, Ted. Righting the wrong, if not the car, is the least the mob can do for you.