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Philips turns heads again with new media player

Sleek and thin design for the U.K. market.

Philips Electronics

Our infatuation with all things Philips has spanned a broad range from land-line phones and iPod speakers to dirt-free mice and giraffe-necked laptops, with an occasional remote thrown in for good measure. (It should be noted that this crush is based on looks alone, as any good infatuation should be.)

So it comes as little surprise that this affinity now extends to its new "Streamium" SA9345 media player, which upholds the company's standards for European aesthetics with a sleek and thin design destined for the U.K. market. (Philips says there are no plans for U.S. distribution.) Where its technicals are concerned, the video and audio player has a 1.8-inch touch-sensitive LCD and comes with either 2GB or 4GB of storage.

But as phones and media players continuing to evolve toward one another, we'd just as soon wait for such features to be built into something like the Philips 598 music phone--the true object of our affection.