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Philips serves up single plasma model but ample Ambilight LCD TVs

Philips moves away from plasma models to focus on LCD TVs.

In a smart move, Philips is shifting away from plasma and focusing almost exclusively on LCD TVs in 2007. The notable exception is its moderately priced ($3,500) 63-inch plasma TV, which has more potential than the company's earlier 42- and 50-inch plasma TVs that had to go head-to-head against Panasonic's highly regarded models.

LED is now the light behind Ambilight. Philips

According to Philips, its new Ambilight LCD FlatTVs "range in size from 32- to 52-inches (32PFL7332, 42PFL7432D, 42PFL9832D, 47PFL9732D, 47PFL7432D and 52PFL7432D). The 42-, 47-, and 52-inch models now boast 1080p resolution, Perfect Pixel HD Engine to maximize 1080p content for the best picture, Pixel Plus 3 HD, Digital Natural Motion and ClearLCD, the peak of high-definition (HD) for today's demanding consumer."

Probably the biggest news is that Philips is now using LED to power its Ambilight technology. The company says that, "The LED generates more saturated colors, allows for a more compact set design, and consumes less power than prior models."

Here's a look at the full lineup:

Philips' upcoming  Ambilight LCD TVs.
Philips' upcoming Ambilight LCD TVs. Philips