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Philips says it wants to appeal to women with its new product line

Freud asked, "What do women want?" Philips replied, "USB drives."

LAS VEGAS--Although men crave electronics, women actually make the buying decisions, according to Philips.

Thus, the Dutch electronics maker is launching on a campaign to appeal more to women by making their electronics more fashion forward and elegant, said Andrea Ragnetti, the new CEO of Philips Electronics at a press conference at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. (The old CEO, Rudy Provoost, has been shifted over to Philips lighting.)

she's entranced with the Ultimate TV michael kanellos

To that end, it unveiled its Design Collection, a series of TVs, home audio systems, and other equipment with what Philips says will make a statement about personal style.

Some of the products are actually quite cool. Check out the Ultimate Dream TV pictured here: white bezel with a translucent frame. The company also showed off the sleek (i.e. few buttons) Streamium home audio products. (I don't recall Streamium in the Periodic Table of the Elements, but Philips assures me it's near Stronium.)

But take a look at the second picture. It's a large crystal pendant designed by Swarovski that holds a USB drive. The Active Crystal USB drives are shaped like a lock, or a heart. "The Active Crystal range combines high fashion design with the best in technology, creating a fusion of fashion and function," Philips said in a statement.

A heart shaped world, and USB drive Michael Kanellos

I asked my wife if she wanted one for Valentine's Day.

"I'll stab you," she said.

There's a fusion of fashion and function for you. Philips also has a set of crystal ear buds.