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Philips MCi5000 Streamium hi-fi: Because you hate iPhones

OMG! Amy Winehouse was just caught being sick in her shoe and wiping her nose on a puppy -- it wasn't even hers! Wait, this isn't the front page of London Lite. Ah that's right, Philips has a new Streamium hi-fi out. Phew!

For those of you who want to hear more about the iPhone as much as you want to lick the inside of your shoe, we've got some infected fungus-free hi-fi news for you. Philips has unveiled its new hard disk-based micro system and we got to caress it yesterday.

The MCi5000 is a hi-fi compatible with the rest of the Philips Streamium range, so it'll pull music from your PC over a home network as well as from Streamium centres such as the WACS7500. But don't let that photo confuse you -- it's not actually made up of two separates; it's just one unit.

Inside is a 160GB hard disk (hoorah -- 80GB, nonsense!) and its wood-encased speakers gave us a fair wallop of sound when we listened to them in a darkened room yesterday. It'll also play Internet radio and music stored on USB -- and CDs, of course, but you got that, right?

It'll be on sale next month for about £500, but that'll drop £100 before Christmas, we're told. -Nate Lanxon