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Philips launches Cloud TV with access to hundreds of channels

The new service offers a wide range of local, national, and international TV channels via the Internet to Philips smart TVs.

Philips Cloud TV.
Philips Cloud TV. Philips

Philips rolled out a new cloud-based service promising hundreds of TV channels to its smart TV users.

Dubbed Cloud TV, the service announced Thursday streams local, national, international, and special interest TV channels over the Internet to Philips smart TVs. The lineup includes both premium and non-premium channels, most of which are freely available, Philips said. Users can check out the channels through the accompanying Cloud TV app, which sorts them by genre and popularity.

The service is compatible with all Philips smart TV models introduced in 2012 and later and is already available across parts of Europe and Russia.

Philips has also launched another smart TV feature called Cloud Explorer. This app lets Dropbox users view their photos, videos, and music stored online. Cloud Explorer is available as of Thursday for all Philips smart TV owners.

"We have seamlessly integrated cloud services into our Philips Smart TV platform," Albert Mombarg, head of Philips Smart TV, said in a statement. "Users can now benefit from an even wider selection of TV services and overcome the selected choice of cable TV services."