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Philips Hue partners with Comcast to make home security smarter

You'll be able to sync your Hue lights with your Xfinity Home alarm system, or control them directly in the Xfinity Home app.

They work with everything else, so why not Comcast, too?


Comcast Xfinity Home subscribers will be able to control their Hue lights in the Xfinity Home app, on the Xfinity Home Hub's touchscreen or using voice commands on the X1 voice remote.


I'm speaking of course about Philips Hue's lineup of smart bulbs, which already enjoys broad compatibility with a wide variety of third-party products and services. Wednesday, Philips added Comcast to that list by way of a new integration with the company's Xfinity Home security and automation system.

The integration takes advantage of the Xfinity Home app's rules engine, which lets users automate things like lighting and thermostats in conjunction with their alarm systems. Through that engine, users will be able to program their Hue bulbs to turn off and on automatically whenever they arm or disarm their system. They'll also be able to toggle lights on and off directly from the Xfinity Home app.

Moving forward, Philips tells us that Hue bulbs will also eventually work with the Xfinity Home X1 voice remote to let Comcast subscribers control the lights using voice commands. Hue bulbs already offer voice compatibility by way of Amazon's Alexa, Apple HomeKit's Siri controls, and support for the Google Assistant and Google Home smart speaker.

Hue bulbs will join other Xfinity-friendly smart home gadgets that already work with the system, including the August Smart Lock. It's Philips' first direct partnership with a monitored security system, though the bulbs already work with a number of smart-home-as-a-service providers, like Crestron and Control4.

The integration is live now, so happy automating, Xfinity subscribers.

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