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Philips' high-end LCDs get 120Hz de-judder

Philips introduced six flat-panel LCDs with 120Hz de-judder technology at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show.

Philips 120Hz-equipped PFL7403 series lacks Ambilight backlighting... Philips

Although they won't have all the eco-friendly chops featured on the company's entry-level LCD, the most-expensive LCD HDTVs announced by Philips at CES this year do include 120Hz technology with de-judder, the company's first attempt at such video processing. The technology, dubbed HD Digital Natural Motion (HD DNM) with. Motion Estimation Motion Compensation (MEMC) as part of the company's Pixel Plus 3 HD package--got all that?--joins similar technologies we've reviewed from Sony, Toshiba, and Samsung.

...while the PFL7603 models get Ambilight for $100 more. Philips

Other specs in the company's "7 series" sets include a 2ms response time (among the fastest we've seen), four HDMI inputs, and, in a few models, the company's well-known Ambilight technology, which incorporates backlights on the rear panel designed to illuminate the wall behind the set. For our latest impressions of the technology, refer to our review of the Philips 42PFL7432D.

The non-Ambilight-equipped PFL7403 series includes the 42-inch 42PFL7403 (March, $1,700 MSRP), the 47-inch 47PFL7403 (April, $2,000), and the 52-inch 52PFL7403 (May, $2,700). The PFL7603 series adds Ambilight for $100 more and includes the same three sizes: the 42-inch 42PFL7603 (April, $1,800), the 47-inch 47PFL7603 (April, $2,100) and the 52-inch 52PFL7603 (May, $2,800). If that's too confusing, just refer to this handy chart.