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Philips helps buyers pick green gadgets

New "Green Tick" logo will identify environmentally friendly and safe products.

Philips Electronics has come up with a new logo to help consumers identify environmentally friendly and safe products.

Green Tick logo
Philips Electronics

The new "Green Tick" logo will label gadgets with "significantly better energy efficiency than the nearest competitor products in the same category as well as having other environmental benefits such as the use of flame-retardant materials," the company said.

Products bearing the logo have been certified by external auditors as being 10 percent more energy-efficient than other products on the market within a given consumer electronics category, according to Philips.

Currently, 7 of Philips' flat TVs carry the Green Tick logo, with the company aiming to double the number to 14 by the end of 2007. Philips says it will continue to increase the range of Green Tick products to include DVD recorders, home theater systems, wireless solutions, portable accessories and other devices.