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Philips DVD player gets in Touch

Latest model adds retracting dock for Apple's media player.


Unlike Sony, Philips long ago figured out that it made more sense to play nice with the iPod because resistance, as they say, is futile. A year ago, for example, the Dutch company came out with a DVD player that incorporated a dock for the iPod so it could show videos from the media player on an 8.5-inch screen.

Now Philips has added a model that can work similarly with the iPod Touch while increasing the display to 9 inches. The new DCP951 isn't as seamless as its predecessor, which created a custom slot designed specifically to fit the iPod snugly into the space that housed the player's remote control. Instead it has a retractable adapter to dock the Touch, which makes it seem more like an afterthought.

As if the Philips player doesn't do enough already, Chip Chick says it also has an SD card slot to turn it into a digital picture frame. But frankly. we've had it with those.