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Philips: Don't get too excited about 3D

The Dutch company is joining the bandwagon that promotes 3D TV as the next big thing, but throws in a healthy dose of realism.

BERLIN--Shelled out several thousands for a Philips Cinema 21:9 television? You'll be pleased to hear it's obsolete.

Philips has bumped the firmware and added a micro polarizing lens to the screen, to create a prototype 3D TV.

The TV gets its tri-dimensional input from a prototype 3D Blu-ray player. Philips said Thursday at IFA 2009 that it's "actively participating in the 3D specification work of the Blu-ray Disc Association."

Philips' Cinema 21:9 Philips

But hold it right there. Amid the 3D arms race--which has all the major manufacturers at IFA insisting that 3D is the next big thing--Philips is sounding a note of caution.

The company said it has "no immediate plans to launch any commercial 3D TV products in the short term" and that any plans "will depend on 3D TV standards." In Thursday's press conference, Philips conceded that 3D isn't stable yet and that the technology "isn't quite there."

In other words, Philips has punted the prototype 3D television to keep up with the Joneses--i.e. Sony.

(Source: Crave UK)