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Philips Bluetooth MP3 player

Electronics manufacturer Philips has announced their new series of Bluetooth MP3 players, the GoGear SA5200BT.

Photo of Philips GoGear SA5200
The Philips GoGear SA5200BT series includes Rhapsody subscription music compatibility and integrated Bluetooth wireless technology. Philips

Philips has announced plans to release an MP3 player with built-in Bluetooth functionality. Available in April in both 4GB ($129) or 8GB ($169) capacities, the Philips GoGear SA5200BT series will feature a 2.8-inch screen, Rhapsody subscription music integration, FullSound audio enhancement technology, and DRM audio and video support. Beyond the obvious benefit of being able to pair the Philips GoGear SA5200BT with a set of wireless Bluetooth headphones, the player can also take advantage of wireless file-sharing with any Bluetooth-capable PC.

Philips also plans to sell versions of the GoGear SA5200 series without Bluetooth for $109 (4GB) and $149 (8GB).