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Philips announces three new Blu-ray players

Philips has unveiled three new Blu-ray players--the BDP3010, BDP5010, and BDP7310--that will be manufactured and distributed by Funai Electric in 2009.

Philips' flagship BDP7310 Blu-ray player is BD-Live enabled and features DivX and WMV playback. Philips

With Funai licensing the Philips brand in 2009, things have gotten a little confusing about just what's going on with Philips home audio and video products. But it appears that all the products that Philips announced at CES 2009--including three new Blu-ray players--are true Philips products. Philips had already planned out its 2009 line and Funai Electric will be taking over the production of that line this year.

The three models include the BDP3010 ($229.99), a profile 1.1 model, and two BD-Live capable players, the BDP5010 ($249.99) and the BDP7310 ($299.99). We say capable because the BPD5010 is upgradable to BD-Live, while the BDP7310 will be a Profile 2.0 or Live-enabled out of the box. The BDP7310 also offers DivX and WMV playback. We suspect all of them will carry street prices of less than $200 when they're released this spring.

Note: Philips also announced the HTS-5100B, a home-theater system with a built-in Blu-ray player that's due out in June. No word on pricing of that model.