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Philips announces new MP3 player lineup

Philips announces new MP3 player lineup

Philips yesterday announced three new MP3 players. The sleek $249 GoGear HDD1850, the 8GB version of the 6GB GoGear HDD1630, features a 1.5-inch color screen, MP3, WMA DRM 10, and photo playback, and it boasts a rated 18 hours of battery life. It is available now.

Philips also introduced two new flash players, the $149 SA9100 and the $199 SA9200. The identical units are based on the glossy-black touch-sensitive design of the hard drive models, and they feature a color screen, 14 hours of battery life, an FM tuner, a voice recorder, and photo playback. These sleek and sexy devices will ship in August (SA9200) and September (SA9100) and will compete directly against the Samsung YP-Z5, the Apple iPod Nano, the iRiver Clix, and the SanDisk Sansa e200 series. The announcement of the 30GB HDD6330 was strange, as the device has been out since late last year.

Philips also announced a new PVP running Portable Media Center software. See the blog posting here.