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Phew! Defusable alarm clock won't actually detonate

It looks like a Hollywood movie bomb, but it works like a regular alarm clock. Careful--clip the wrong wire and you could trigger an LED light explosion.

Defusable Clock
I'm pretty sure it's the red wire. Or maybe the green. Michael Krumpus

Say, that bomb looks familiar. It looks like almost every movie bomb every made--destined to have the proper wire clipped with exactly one second remaining.

This particular bomb is actually an alarm clock called the Defusable Clock. It has all the usual alarm clock features like a beeping alarm and snooze function, but it also has a 10-second detonation countdown.

Four wires stretch across the top. Trigger the detonation sequence and start clipping. The clock randomly assigns two wires to do nothing, one wire to set off an immediate detonation, and one wire that stops the countdown. The detonation is actually a visual explosion of red blinking lights.

The wires are easily replaceable so that you can scare the pretend wits out of yourself over and over again. A kit for the clock that contains just the electronic parts will be available this fall. You'll have to make your own fake dynamite sticks.

The Defusable Clock opens up a lot of possibilities. It's certainly a conversation piece, though that conversation may involve the other person screaming and running away. You could reenact your favorite absurd action movie moments.

The clock's designer assures customers that there will be a ton of warnings on the product page when it launches. In other words, don't be stupid with it.

Software engineer and hardware designer Michael Krumpus is the evil genius behind the gadget, which hasn't officially been priced yet. There's no word on whether he may be equipping sharks with lasers or building a deadly diamond-encrusted satellite to take over the world.