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#PhelpsFace meme claims early gold at Rio Olympics

Swimmer's sour expression has been gleefully mocked with everything from Star Wars to Slim Shady references.

How can we ever have an Olympics in the future without Michael Phelps? He's either winning enough medals to knock himself over if he ever wore them all, or he's naming his son Boomer.

And now comes #PhelpsFace.

Phelps pulled the now-infamous expression on Monday night at the Rio Games, as his South African rival Chad Le Clos danced around in front of him. Phelps kind of...sucked the entire lower half of his face in, furrowed his brow a la Bert from "Sesame Street," and forced cheekbones to stick out where normal humans don't even have bones.

It took the internet about the time of one Olympic flip-turn to grab onto it and take it to the podium. McKayla Maroney may not be impressed, but the rest of us are.