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Pharrell makes instrument startup Roli happy by joining team

Singer Pharrell Williams will accompany the musical instrument maker in its efforts to create and spread high-tech customizable music gadgets.


Roli founder Roland Lamb sits with Pharrell Williams.


Pop star, songwriter and rapper Pharrell Williams is joining UK musical instrument startup Roli as its new chief creative officer. 

Roli makes electronic instruments that are a bit different from the norm, including the Roli Blocks modular music studio and the Seaboard Block, a keyboard-like device.

Roli announced Pharrell's new position on Wednesday, saying he will work with company founder Roland Lamb to "develop revolutionary new musical instruments that are iconic, digitally connected, and accessible to all."

Pharrell's biggest hit is the infectious 2013 song "Happy." As part of the new partnership, Roli is releasing a "Happy by Pharrell" studio pack for its music-making Noise app. The studio pack includes the beats, bass lines and vocals from the song, broken into bits that musicians can remix using a smartphone screen or a connected Roli instrument.

You can check out a video demo of the "Happy" studio pack in action using Roli's Seaboard Block instrument along with some modular add-ons: