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'Phantom Mouse' might save your job

It has an emergency button that hides whatever is on your screen.

Thanko Japan

Some people (not us, of course) might think that this is the best invention since the "StealthSwitch." That ingenius device, as you'll recall, has a foot-operated switch that instantly hides whatever is on your screen when your boss happens to walk by at the most inopportune times.

The "Phantom Mouse" improves that concept by doing the same thing with a red emergency button that sits directly above the scroll wheel, according to Newlaunches. That way you won't have to frantically stomp around under your desk looking for a switch.

It's being marketed in Japan at present, as you might have gleaned from the photo accompanying this post. But given that it costs less than half of the StealthSwitch, we're guessing that it would find the U.S. workplace a fertile market.