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Pet lovers pony up for interactive laser cube

Petcube is designed to keep your animal happy when you're out. Shine a laser around the room and make Fluffy burn some calories.

Petcube shines a smartphone-controlled laser spot around the room while doubling as a monitor. Petcube

What does your pet get up to while you're at work? Chewing on the furniture? Knocking over the plants? Or maybe just...nothing?

Boredom is probably as boring for pets as it is for humans. But now you can entertain your furry friends with laser beams when you're away -- while keeping watch over them.

Petcube is a smartphone-controlled cube that shoots a spot laser around the room that may or may not interest your pet.

But chances are it will evoke some curiosity. There's certainly enthusiasm for the device among humans, who have put up more than $120,000 on Kickstarter to back its development.

As we saw back in May, Petcube is the focus of a Ukranian startup that's now based in San Francisco.

It's a 4-inch cube in an aluminum housing with a wide-angle camera, microphone, and low-intensity laser pointer.

It links with your home Wi-Fi and a smartphone app so you can beam the spot around the room and keep Fluffy motivated.

Meanwhile, you can also let your friends and family play with your animal while you're out. It can take HD pics or video during the interaction for sharing with friends.


The Kickstarter campaign has several stretch goals: alerts when your pet starts making loud noises, an automated laser-pointing routine to keep it active, and motion-detection alerts.

The startup also plans to put Petcubes in animal shelters across the U.S. so anyone with the app can interact with lonely cats, dogs, and other creatures, and maybe help find them new homes.

Petcube is being offered to Kickstarter backers at $149 now that the $99 offer is gone, while $179 gets you a custom furry skin to wrap it in.

Fur and lasers. It's like a box full of Chewbacca and his crossbow.