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Perot doctors up its outsourcing

Information technology services provider Perot Systems says it's teaming with Medic Computer Systems to provide integrated software and support services to physician and medical practices.

Information technology services provider Perot Systems today said it's teaming with Medic Computer Systems to provide integrated software and support services to physician and medical practices.

Through existing contracts with physician organizations, Dallas-based Perot Systems said in a statement that it has been working with Medic Computer, a developer of healthcare information management systems and software, by supporting the outsourcing and set-up process of Medic's line of software and hardware products to the healthcare industry.

As part of the agreement, the two companies said they'll work together to offer clients quick software deployment at low IT costs for their outsourcing needs to automate physician services, such as billing automation and help desk support services.

Raleigh, North Carolina-based Medic Computer and Perot Systems said they will offer the IT services and Medic Computer applications together with a user-based charge fee per user per month. Specifics on pricing were not immediately available since each physician organization's outsourcing needs differ, according to a Medic Computer spokesman.

"We feel good about the alliance," Medic Computer senior vice president of sales Ken Howard, said in a brief phone interview. Howard said that Perot Systems is a "well-respected" organization with a lot of experience in outsourcing that can help Medic Computer market its applications.

Howard added that the alliance is also a way for Perot Systems to expand its services into other industries, such as health, which he said Perot Systems has been planning.

The alliance comes a week after Perot Systems, founded by billionaire Ross Perot, announced plans to use some of its $225.9 million in cash to invest in start-up technology companies, as reported by Bloomberg.

Although Perot had declined to name specific targets or technologies, he did refer to the company's recent agreement with Salt Lake City-based software maker TenFold as an example of the investment strategy, according to Bloomberg. Perot had announced an alliance with TenFold last month that gives his company the right to buy 1 million TenFold shares when the company goes public.

TenFold, which filed for a public offering on March 8, went public last Friday, and saw its shares advance 50 percent in its trading debut, according to Reuters.