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Periscope hires first editor-in-chief

The live-video app wants to make sure you have something interesting to watch.


The live-video streaming app has hired its first editor-in-chief to help its users find the most interesting videos to watch.

Nothing catching your eye on Periscope? The Twitter-owned live-video app may have the fix. The company has hired its first editor-in-chief to help you sift through the noise.

Evan Hansen, a former editor at Medium, Wired and, back in the day, CNET, will take on the newly created position starting in mid-May. Why would a video app need an editor? Hansen told CNNMoney his job will be "curating best feeds to start, surfacing the most interesting content to the people most likely to want to see it."

Periscope, which launched last year, allows people to stream live video of everything from their day-to-day activities to breaking news. To reach a broader audience, they can also share their Periscope videos via Twitter. Meanwhile, Periscope faces competition from Facebook, which recently launched its own live-streaming capability.

Twitter declined to comment.