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Periscope adds search discovery, auto-save, and live-streaming from a DJI drone

New features let users save broadcasts indefinitely, search for live and archived videos, and toggle back and forth between a DJI drone, your phone and a GoPro camera.


Periscope is adding three new features to its updated live-streaming app.


Periscope announced a public beta last week that finally enabled users to save their broadcasts indefinitely. On Monday, the live-streaming service said it will add three more features, including the ability to broadcast back and forth between your phone camera, DJI drone and a GoPro action camera.

Now that Periscope broadcasts won't disappear after 24 hours (unless you want them to), the service is unveiling the full solution that will save the videos by default, with an option for the user to set an auto-delete time.

The updated app also makes it much easier to discover live and archived broadcasts using a simple search bar that pulls results from titles and descriptions. You can explore videos using topic hashtags like #food, #music and #travel.

DJI added YouTube support last year. Now you can live-stream using the Periscope app as well, toggling back and forth between your phone and/or a GoPro. You can even narrate over the live video or draw over your stream to highlight details using Sketch.

The new features will reach Google Android and Apple iOS users over the next few weeks.