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Perfume Tools: All the smell, none of the allergies

Sensitive skin and perfume can now get along thanks to metal diffuser jewelry that melds industrial design with the ability to soak up and release smells.

Perfume Tools earring and bracelet
Smell good without all the itching. Rene van der Hulst/Jody Kocken

Ah, the sweet smell of ingenuity. When Amsterdam designer Jody Kocken discovered she was allergic to wearing perfume, she didn't just resign herself to a world without White Diamonds and Someday by Justin Bieber. Kocken rolled up her sleeves and created Perfume Tools.

Perfume Tools are metal bracelets, earrings, and necklaces designed to sit over the opening of a perfume bottle. The jewelry soaks up the smell of the perfume, without ever requiring you to slather it behind your ears. Nestle a bracelet or necklace next to your skin and the heat of your body releases the aroma.

Perfume Tools make a lot of sense for people with sensitive skin or allergies. They could also be a great accessory for people who tend to overdo it on the perfume and cologne. By its nature, it's likely to provide a much more subtle scent than a full-on dousing with eau de parfum.

There may also be a potentially robust market for Perfume Tools for dogs. You wouldn't want to waste your $900 bottle of Clive Christian on Mr. Flufferpants, but a metal diffuser could go a long way toward covering up that Milk-Bone smell.

Perfume Tools
Take a sniff. Rene van der Hulst/Jody Kocken

(Via PSFK)