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Performance glasses vow to save your fried eyes

Maker of digital performance eyewear says proprietary i-AMP technology helps relax the ocular muscles that strain to view text and images at a close distance.

Gunnar Optiks' Sphere
Gunnar Optiks' Sphere glasses feature an "ultrawide wraparound format (that) creates a microclimate that protects your eyes from the drying effects of glare, heat, and dust--even when you spend long hours at the computer." Gunnar Optiks

Six out of seven people here at Crave Asia are bespectacled, and the last time I checked, everyone had their eyes glued to at least a 19-inch LCD monitor. Some have it worse with gigantic plasma screens, while others have to squint at pathetic QVGA displays.

It doesn't take an Einstein to know that our eyes go through an obscene amount of stress daily. Less work and more play obviously wouldn't sit well with our editors or HR policies. And citing risks of developing Digital Eye Fatigue or Computer Vision Syndrome, at best, will earn you a few sorry looks, followed by a piercing get-back-to-work stare.

Which is why Gunnar Optiks' proprietary i-AMP lens technology could help save both our eyes and our livelihoods. According to the U.S.-based maker of digital performance eyewear, i-AMP helps relax the ocular muscles that strain to view text and images at a close distance, while it also minimizes eye fatigue by improving eye focus, reducing glare, and blocking ambient light.

The million dollar quote? "Short term you're more effective...long term you'll stop frying your eyes." Now we can't wait to get one of these. They're available online for between $99 and $189, a small price to pay if they end up saving your eyes, really.

(Via Crave Asia)