Perfect Xmas gift: The Lego assault rifle

Inspired by the assault rifle in Gears of War, a vast brain decides to create a fully functional--other than it doesn't shoot bullets--assault rifle from Lego bricks.

Like banking, love, and cooking with beets, Lego must move with the times.

The times, in case you hadn't noticed, are somewhat troubled. Who can be surprised, therefore, that a vast and imaginative mind has found a way to take its little bricks of Lego and make an assault rifle out of them?

My mind went entirely Boing-Boing when that publication revealed to me this act of ingenuity.

The creation of the Plum Brothers, this Lego Lancer assault rifle was inspired by Gears of War, a very fine game in which you can kill people, destroy a lot of things, and protect yourself against the Locust Horde.

I might not have mentioned thus far that you can't actually kill people or destroy a lot of things with the Lego Lancer Assault Rifle.

It fires rubber bands, rather than rubber bullets.

But it does allow you to destroy Locust Hordes, should you have any in your back garden. You see, it has a motorized chainsaw, as all assault rifles ought to have. And who cannot be delighted by the idea of a reloadable Lego magazine, should you prefer to shoot your locusts rather than chop them up?

I know that many a child, adult, and prison warden would be delighted to receive one of these little babies in their Christmas stocking.

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