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Perfect poaching in a pod

Poached eggs seem a little out of reach for the average cook, but the Poach Pod makes the process much easier.

The Poach Pods Fusion Brands

Poached eggs play a crucial role in dishes like Eggs Benedict, but a lot of home cooks won't make those dishes just because of the eggs. Poaching seems a little complex and mysterious, but Fusion Brands' Poach Pod makes it a simple matter. The Poach Pod is a flexible silicone bowl that floats on water, holding the egg while it poaches. Each egg poached in this cup turns out perfectly cooked and perfectly shaped. There's no worry of the egg sticking in the Poach Pod, either: you can flip it over and gently turn the flexible silicone bowl inside out to remove particularly stubborn eggs.

The Poach Pod is heat-resistant up to 675 degrees Fahrenheit--although you probably won't be subjecting it to temperatures quite that high while cooking dinner. However, that heat resistance can be important, because the Poach Pod can easily be used for other kitchen purposes, like baking small custards that need a water bath. The silicone is nonstick, although a little oil maybe a good idea to add a new flavor to your poached egg. It can also go in both the microwave and dishwasher. The Poach Pod comes in a set of two, one dark green and one light green.