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Perfect pancake shapes

The Stack & Fill Flower Pancake Molds offer an easy way to fill your pancakes with perfect flavors--and present a pretty pancake in the process.

Pancakes can seem like an easy way to satisfy a whole table full of breakfast-eaters, but you might get a few requests for special orders. The Stack & Fill Flower Pancake Molds from Williams-Sonoma offer an easy way to customize pancakes while still offering an elegant presentation. The molds come in a set of three: ranging from small (4 1/4 inches diameter) to large (6.5 inches diameter). They're shaped like flowers around a central hollow--when you stack these flapjacks, you'll get a perfect place to put syrup. If you've got a few special orders, like jam or even whipped cream, you can contain them in that same hollow. At the very least, you can keep sticky syrups contained a little longer than you might normally hope for. The Stack & Fill Flower Pancake Molds are nonstick and have a handle for easy moving. They are hand-wash only but are easy to clean. Ideally, you should use the pancake molds with a griddle so that you are operating on a flat surface--but you can use other pans if you're willing to take a little more time to make your pancakes. The set of three molds is priced at $16.

The Stack & Fill Flower Pancake Molds Williams-Sonoma