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PeopleSoft package for the feds

Enterprise software maker PeopleSoft has upgraded its human resources package for the federal government.

Enterprise software maker PeopleSoft (PSFT) has upgraded its human resources package for the federal government.

Due out later this month, PeopleSoft 7 HRMS for the U.S. Federal Government adds payroll, payroll interface, benefits administration, and time and labor enhancements to the suite of human resources management software. It also includes a new Web client and integrated OLAP (online analytical processing), the company said.

The company's business applications package, PeopleSoft 7, debuted in September. In the new version, the company overhauled its two-tier architecture in favor of a three-tier Internet-centric approach that uses BEA Systems' Tuxedo as the middleware. The Tuxedo layer will connect the PeopleSoft applications server with client software and will allow "very large volumes" of users to employ the apps concurrently, according to PeopleSoft.

In PeopleSoft 7 HRMS, the Base Benefits application allows users to perform a variety of tasks such as processing court-ordered benefits, life insurance, living benefit elections, and retirement options. The Benefits Administration application processes such specific federal employee benefits as FEHB (Federal Employees Health Benefits), TSP (Thrift Savings Plan), and FEGLI (Federal Employee Group Life Insurance).

PeopleSoft's Payroll application addresses in-house payroll processing like calculating earnings and deductions, maintaining balances, and reporting data to external interfaces. It also handles payroll and personnel reporting with the SF-113A and SF-113G Workforce Utilization reports.

The Payroll Interface allows human resource, payroll, and benefits data to be transferred from the suite to third-party payroll providers, whether the provider uses a PeopleSoft suite or another suite.

Finally, the PeopleSoft Time and Labor component is a time and labor distribution package that collects and retrieves employee data, calendar information, vacation, leave, and sick time accruals.

All the applications can be deployed to desktops equipped with Java-enabled Web browsers, according to the company.

Pricing has not been set, but PeopleSoft 7 generally sells for about $100,000 per application. Current users can upgrade for no additional charge.