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PeopleSoft founder releases Workday Financials beta

Dave Duffield's on-demand enterprise applications company Workday debuts financials beta.

It's been nearly a year since Dave Duffield unveiled his on-demand enterprise applications company Workday, with the launch of his Workday Human Capital Management software.

And since that time, Duffield and Co. have been toiling away to build out the rest of his on-demand enterprise resource planning (ERP) vision. The PeopleSoft founder has added another piece to his project.

A beta version of Workday Financials was released Monday. The software includes core accounting features such as accounts payable, accounts receivable and financial accounting and reporting.

In the to-be-added category, the company plans to add such features as support for multinational currency, cost allocations and multidimensional planning and budget modeling in future releases of its Workday Financial Management.

The company also offers Workday Resource Management, as well as Workday Revenue Management, as part of its ERP suite. Additional features for both will be added in future releases.