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PeopleSoft chief takes aim at Oracle, SAP

Craig Conway says Oracle's Larry Ellison is "overwhelmed with jealousy" and SAP's Henning Kagermann is off-target.

As Oracle defends its PeopleSoft bid, the main action is in federal court in San Francisco. But PeopleSoft's chief weighs in from London on key rivals.

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Larry Ellison, CEO, Oracle

PeopleSoft CEO blasts Ellison's 'jealousy'

Craig Conway says his company will beat leader SAP but stays mostly mum on Oracle's ongoing takeover attempt.
June 22, 2004

Oracle shopping list includes eight other firms

Court documents offer a rare glimpse into how Oracle assessed eight companies other than PeopleSoft for possible acquisition.
June 22, 2004

For Oracle, a range of acquisition targets

CEO Larry Ellison says software makers Siebel and BEA are on the company's wish list.
June 21, 2004

Oracle president backpedals on 'oligopoly'

Justice Department plays up market observations Charles Phillips made in a previous incarnation as an analyst.
June 18, 2004

Economist: Oracle-SAP duopoly would hurt market

Antitrust expert supports Justice Department argument that Oracle's proposed purchase of PeopleSoft would be anticompetitive.
June 18, 2004

The trial in depth

Oracle's day in court

special coverage In a four-week federal trial, Oracle is trying to derail the Justice Department's challenge to its hostile bid for PeopleSoft. Also: News.com's reader poll.
June 22, 2004