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Pentagon, Netscape do deal

If you're in the Army now, you'll likely be using Netscape's Internet software soon.

If you're in the Army now, you'll likely be using Netscape Communications' (NSCP) Internet software soon, as the company announced a licensing deal today to distribute its desktop client software throughout the Defense Department.

The license could add Netscape's client software to 2 million desktops, according to company spokeswoman Jody Kramer. Deployment can start immediately, but each branch of the DOD must set its own deployment schedule. The deal also lets the Pentagon deploy Netscape servers.

The deal isn't exclusive, so the Pentagon could still use Microsoft's Internet Explorer, but if a user wants to encrypt data, Navigator is so far the only browser that meets the federal government's FIPS-140-1 encryption standard.

Navigator also supports the Fortezza encryption PC card, which is required by certain agencies. Right now, only Navigator 3.0 supports Fortezza, but that support in Navigator 4.0 is currently in beta testing.