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Penguin on the prowl

Linux mascot Tux is back in the spotlight as Red Hat's soon-to-be-released new version of the OS leaks to the Net, Microsoft snipes at open-source foes, and several firms tout new Linux products.

Linux mascot Tux waddles back into the spotlight as Red Hat's soon-to-be-released new version of the OS leaks to the Internet, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer says his company's pros will outsmart the open-source movement, and several companies tout new Linux products.

update Parts of the new version of Red Hat's Linux software slip onto the Net nearly a week before the OS's official release, giving glimpses of a product with a new mainstream focus.
September 25, 2002

CEO Steve Ballmer tells a London audience that Microsoft developers must match the passion and energy of the Linux community, as well as produce better technology.
September 24, 2002

Guardian Digital releases a version of Linux that's less vulnerable to attack, a niche the company hopes will gain it a foothold in the market for the Unix-like operating system.
September 24, 2002

Big Blue makes some progress in a new part of its effort to spread the Linux operating system far and wide, selling thousands of high-tech cash registers to two sizable customers.
September 24, 2002

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Sun Microsystems will sell Linux-based desktops that will cost less than half to own and operate than comparable systems running Windows, Sun's CEO says.
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