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Peloton Products Are Now Available on Amazon

US customers can shop for bikes, apparel and more and receive free delivery.

woman in fitness clothing riding a Peloton bike
Pelton is making its gear more accessible through Amazon.

Peloton has partnered with Amazon to sell a selection of its products -- including its popular bike -- through the e-retailer, the company announced on Wednesday. It marks the first time Peloton is making its merchandise available outside of its own online platform and showroom.

The launch is the latest move by the company aimed at expanding its reach and sales amid declining revenue. Peloton's chief commercial officer, Kevin Cornils, pointed to Amazon as a popular shopping destination. "Expanding our distribution channels through Amazon is a natural extension of our business and an organic way to increase access to our brand," he said in a statement. "We want to meet consumers where they are, and they are shopping on Amazon."

Customers in the US can purchase the Original Peloton Bike for $1,445, as well as its $295 strength-training gadget, the Peloton Guide. Though the Bike Plus and treadmill are not for sale on Amazon, you'll find dumbbells, cycling shoes, yoga blocks, fitness apparel and a lineup of accessories. In addition to providing free delivery, Amazon will offer its in-home assembly service at no additional charge. Navigate to Peloton's to see all the products available at launch.

In July, the company shared that it would start to outsource production of its bikes, and in early August, it bumped up the price of its Bike Plus and Tread products. The news also came with a round of job cuts and the shuttering of showrooms around the country. For now, the price of the Original Bike and the Guide will remain the same.