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Peeved about the fourth-gen iPad? Why? (poll)

Are you among those feeling annnoyed that Apple came out with a new iPad so soon after the last one? We want to hear from you.

Does this gadget get your goat? James Martin/CNET

The biggest surprise out of yesterday's Apple product event was news of the fourth-generation iPad. Not everyone considers it a pleasant surprise, though.

The device, which starts at $499, comes just seven months after the arrival of the third-generation iPad and brings with it a number of updates. It comes with an A6X processor that has twice the CPU and graphics power of the third-generation iPad, gets 10 hours of battery life, and has FaceTime HD and expanded LTE support.

But most important for the company, CNET executive editor Molly Wood maintains, it's got the Lightning connector, which makes your 7-month-old iPad incompatible with a bunch of new iPad accessories.

Roger Cheng, another CNET executive editor, is irked about the new iPad too.

"Look, I'm not against the evolution of any product. But I'd appreciate if you let consumers catch their breath before moving on to the 'next big thing'... I imagine other Apple fans and iPad owners share my sentiment and frustration," he wrote yesterday in a piece titled "To Apple: Thanks for making my 'new iPad' obsolete."

Plenty of CNET readers took issue with that stance. "Oh for crying out loud! I'm writing this comment on an iPad 3 and I still like it just as much as I did when I got it," wrote reydpa. "I'm not feeling like I need the new one because mine is all of a sudden out of date. The screen still looks great and it does everything I need. How about we talk about some real problems next time."

Other readers, however, related to Roger's annoyance at Apple's latest iPad move.

"Amazing to know that four months ago when I bought it, my iPad 3 was the latest and greatest and now, it is obsolete," reader tupayaso wrote. "Honestly, I do not think that is right.... I can understand each year a new one is released but this is a slap in the face of dedicated iPad fans...."

Now, as CNET's Sharon Vaknin reports, customers who purchased a third-generation iPad within the last 30 days might be able to exchange their device for a newer model at select Apple stores. Bought it more than 30 days ago? You're apparently out of luck.

"This is better than nothing, but not much..." tradergeorge wrote in response to that news. "Apple's strength is in its early adopters and this will alienate a lot of them. They should replace every one desired and maintain their integrity as an upright company. I think this move will cost them in the long run."

If you count yourself among the peeved here, this poll's for you. What, specifically, annoys you most about yesterday's fourth-generation iPad announcement?

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