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Facebook Messenger now lets you pay pals with PayPal

Facebook's payments get a boost ahead of Apple's peer-to-peer Apple Pay.


Facebook Messenger can make payments to friends, and has already worked with Paypal. But it can now make payments to people using Paypal using peer-to-peer, too (in the US, for now). The service is live on iOS, and is coming to Android soon. The service connects its 2.5 million customers in the US to make the same payments to friends that Facebook Messenger already enabled via chat previously.

A new Paypal Facebook Messenger bot is also new, handling account information in-app without having to leave Messenger.

The addition of PayPal comes ahead of Apple's own peer-to-peer version of Apple Pay, which is due to launch sometime this fall. 

Paypal recently expanded the ability to pay with Venmo to 2 million retailers. Facebook Messenger first launched peer-to-peer payments back in 2015.