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Peeling at the speed of a button press

The Zyliss Multipeeler Electric Peeler uses a fast-moving, dual-blade system to peel fruits and vegetables.

I am a DIY type of guy. If something needs doing, I do it. Perhaps that is why I became interested in cooking in the first place. One needs to eat; might as well make it at home and make it the best it can be. Of course, with an independent nature, not only comes confidence but a fair share of mistakes--especially in the kitchen. I have reported before about my arch-nemesis, the peeler, and its aggressive nature. Perhaps owning an electric peeler would be of some benefit.

Safety appeal. Amazon

The Zyliss Multipeeler Electric Peeler could be just such a gadget.

Featuring a serrated blade operated via the touch of a button, the simple peeler takes all the strain out of the common task of peeling. The electric motor spins at a rate of 8,000rpm, creating a fast-moving action for the double-bladed peeler. With 70 sharp teeth per blade, the peeler is capable of removing skins from both thick- and thin-skinned produce, with very little effort required.

Sometimes it's nice to have a tool that actually makes the job easier. With the fast-moving blades and excess of sharp teeth, this peeler would cut down on peeling time, not to mention the strain-saving factor when peeling a large pile of fruits or vegetables. As we all know, attention is required when working with sharp tools. The ease of use provided by this peeler creates an environment where attention stays focused and there is little fear of rogue, overly aggressive peelers.