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Peeking in the window for Apple WWDC clues

CNET treks over to S.F.'s Moscone Center to see how preparations are going for the Worldwide Developers Conference.

SAN FRANCISCO--With Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference just around the corner, CNET made its traditional trek over to Moscone Convention Center to make sure the Cupertino crew didn't need any help setting up.

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Apparently, not, as a helpful security guard was quick to remind us that our presence was neither requested nor appreciated (his words were less diplomatic and more of the threatening variety). Thankfully, Apple has chosen a venue made up almost entirely of glass, so we were able to snap some pictures from outside the convention hall (see attached gallery).

The focus of the hanging banners (at least the placeholder ones on display now) appears to be Mac OS X Leopard. The most interesting of the huge black signs contains a universe of OS X and Mac icons. Many are familiar ones, like those for Aperture, Automator, iPhoto, iChat and the like. But a few look like they might be new. Any readers out there with better eyes or insight want to speculate?