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Peek Pronto offers more than just e-mail

The Peek Pronto improves on the original Peek by offering more than just e-mails.

The original Peek e-mail handheld Corinne Schulze/CNET

Despite the many accolades the Peek received last year, we ragged on it for offering too little for too much, and we still stand by that original claim. Twenty dollars a month for only e-mail just did not seem worth it.

However, Peek has now released the Peek Pronto, which offers way more than just e-mail. Not only do you get push e-mail delivery, you also get Microsoft Exchange support, texting, PDF, and Word doc support, Search, and e-mail apps like weather, news, and maps. Other improvements include a larger font set and faster software speed. It also now allows up to five accounts. The device itself is also slightly retooled with a better keyboard.

Perhaps the feature that truly makes this worth the money is the support for texting--a lot of people use their phones only for texting these days, and having to pay for an exorbitant texting plan on top of a voice plan can be costly. The Peek Pronto is $79, and you only pay $16.67 a month (if you're on the quarterly plan) with no contract. Oh, and it's unlimited texting, too. If you don't have a need for a cell phone, or maybe if you only have a really cheap phone, this could be worth it in the long run.

The Peek Pronto is now available on Amazon from March 24 until March 31, and then available from on April 1, and in Radio Shack stores starting April 8. We've got a review unit in for testing, and as soon as we have our full review, we'll let you know.