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Peek goes Twitter only

Peek has introduced a handheld that does Twitter, and only Twitter.

A Peek just for Twitter?
A Peek just for Twitter? CrunchGear

Peek, the makers of e-mail- and messaging-only handhelds like the Peek Pronto, are working on a brand-new Peek made only for Twitter. We don't know too many details about it, such as how much it'll cost and if there will be any monthly fees associated with it, but we do know it is coming, thanks to this image of the Twitter Peek's packaging. In a world where we can get Twitter on our phones, we wonder if something like this is necessary. We'll let you know more about the Twitter Peek once we contact our sources.

In other news, Peek is now offering its current handsets at Blockbuster stores nationwide, and new Peek customers will get a month's worth of Blockbuster Total Access for free. Also, the prices have been lowered: the Pronto now costs $59.99 with $14.99 a month for service, while the Classic is $19.99.

(Via CrunchGear)